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My name is Mariel and I am a student at De Anza currently enrolled in the CIS2 class. I am a very out going person with who loves to make new friends. I am a hard worker and am constantly busy doing something.

For this group project my group and I are talking about different main points that technology can help end world hunger. Some of the main points are through communication, donations, and biotechnology. My point is talking about biotechnology because I believe over time it could really help contribute to end world hunger.

-Mariel 3) Biotechnology to end world hunger: A lot of places cannot develop the right amount of food due to their climate and economy. Biotechnology can help create better soil and use gene manipulation to help grow food. Through technology and computers, sufficient data and analysis can be stored all together. This can help the research for biotechnology to be viewed by multiple scientist to stress their concerns and contribute their ideas. It also helps compare different genes and DNA in plants to create healthier and nutritious food. Computers helps the scientist combine and manipulate the genes to create a healthier plant or soil to grow in. Biotechnology is still in the research phase, but as time progresses it has a lot to offer. If biotechnology becomes mainstream it could help contribute to ending world hunger. Better soil means more food, more food means less hungry people.