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Welcome To The Good Life

We all aim for a good life but not a lot of people are born with specific instruction of how we should have a good life and that is where my research question comes- What should we do to have a good life? To answer my question I did a survey- I asked three groups of people what they think makes life good. Every group included 15 members each. The first group included ages 15-25, the second group included ages 29-39 and the last group included ages 45-55 and to insure that I'll receive all the possible answers to my research question, I did an interview with my 67 year old grandmother. After finishing both, interviewing my grandmother and conducting the survey, I noticed different answers and the reason for that is simply because people have different points of views. I chose the question because if there is a possibility of me living a good life, then I want to live it! Don't get me wrong... I love my life, but if there is a chance of me improving it and teaching others how to improve their lives or even change their lives completely if they are in a bad situation, it will be my pleasure! I searched a lot to know what we should do to have a good life and some of the things I found were things that I already knew like doing sports and I knew that eating greens are healthy for our bodies, but I didn't know that it can improve the way we think, raise our grades and makes us think positive.

There are a lot of ways to define a good life, if you ask different people what a good life means, you will get different answers. Some will say that a good life is when you have money, others will say that you have a good life when you are around people you love and around people who love you such as family and friends. Basically, we all just want to be happy and different things make many different people happy and satisfied. Most people want to live a good life, but they don't do anything to achieve that will or worst; some people just don't know how to achieve a good life. Science seems to suggest that if we are healthy, we live a good life. But is that enough? What should we do to have a better life?

To answer my question I did a survey- I asked three groups of people what they think makes life good. Every group included 15 members each. The first group included people aged 15-25, the second group included ages 29-39 and the last group included ages 45-55 and when I asked each person out of each group my research question, they thought a lot before they answered and even when they did they were not sour and that is why I came to the following conclusion: it does not matter what your age is because at the end of the story everybody want a good life- we want and need love, friends and sometimes even money to have a good, long and stress less life.

Since I am not a professional at conducting surveys, I decided to search on the internet what should you do to have a good life and I reached many new, different, and interesting facts. You work and study hard to have a good life, but that is not only what good life is about. To have a good life, we don’t have to make a huge change in your lives. You have to change many little things that keep you down. First, you have got to make "free time" and fill it with hobbies and not be afraid to do all the things you like- from football to ballet and do them at least once a week and at a specific hour and not let anything pervert you from doing what we love. Moreover, you have to eat healthy meaning eat at least 5 colors of vegetables because they improve the way you think and the way you feel so if you're mad or feeling down, eat a carrot, try to stay away from refined food, eat all of the nutrients daily and dietary fibers which do not suggest in the human body but closes your appetite and helps prevent diseases and eat all 7 major food groups so your body will reach balance. In addition, a very important thing that you have to do is "chill", stay away of things that make you nervous because when you are nervous it affects your mood and tires your brain which causes a shortage of physical and mental energy.

Travel once a year to places you have never been to with people you love and while you are there don't think of your work or school; just relax and feel your mind get clearer. Walk twice a week when each walk is at least half an hour long. Moreover, international researches say that 60% of the women feel better when they buy something new for themselves. The most important thing you should do is give your society a bit of yourself; sometimes even a smile could make someone's day =].

In conclusion, you are not born with a good life; a good life is a thing that you should aim for and reach eventually. The least of what you have to do to achieve a good life is to choose hobbies and the hobbies have to include all the things you love. Nevertheless, you are what you eat meaning if you eat bad food, you feel bad and if you eat good food that gives your body what it needs, makes you feel great. The bottom line is that if your body is not healthy then neither is your soul. You have to listen to your body because your body ise begging you to treat it right and that treatment has to include a healthy diet and sports. Most of the time, many people at all ages want the same things such as love, money or friends because they think those things make life good and full of joy.


Trying to answer my question was very complicated and a bit hard because good life is a huge subject. It is like talking about politics because it includes a lot of things. I found it hard to do my project because on the one hand, I wanted it to be perfect, but on the other hand, I didn't have a lot of time because I had a lot of exams in other subjects and assignments. However, I had a lot of fun doing the project because I found my question really interesting and I did almost anything in order to find answers.

My question has a lot of different answers and I have to admit that some of the answers were things I already knew but there were a lot of little things, for instance- smile to your self when you look in the mirror, that at first I thought they meant nothing and then I discovered they do and a lot. During the process I realized that we should not take life seriously and we have got to see the full side of the cup always because if we don't our lives will become pointless and we might close doors that lead to happiness. Moreover, I heard that money doesn't mean happiness and that the best things in life are free!!


An interview with Nellie Rotchild (my grand mother)

  • Me: "what do you think a good life is?"
    • Nellie: "I think good life is spending your* life with the one you love and loves you back. I think love is the basic to that pyramid called "good life".
  • Me: "so if I have love I have a good life?"
    • Nellie: "almost...(she laugh)when you have someone who you know got your back you feel whole with things you do but you got to eat healthy and exercise so you'll have the chance to enjoy love for a much longer life because you live much longer when you eat healthy and exercise".
  • Me: "what about money? Does it include in the pyramid you reminded earlier?"
    • Nellie:" Money includes in the pyramid but you have to remember that money does not solve problems it just doesn't* bring more problems*"
  • Me: " thank you grandma'!!"
    • Nellie:" you well come honey!"


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