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Hi. I am Marcia Rainford and I am a lecturer in Science Education at The School of Education Mona. University of the West Indies My research areas include, assessment, and science teaching and learning.

My Hobbies

I enjoy sewing and reading although these days I have not been able to domuch sewing.


Before life at UWI, I was able to sew all my clothes

Memorable Momements

I recall several events where I got off the sewig mahine, onto the ironing board and then out to a functio with my new outfit.

On the wings of a dove


Courses for which I am responsible include

  1. Undergraduate Courses
    • Assessment of Science Teaching and Learning
    • Teaching Methodologies in Science
    • An Introduction to Secodary School Science Practicals
  2. Graduate Courses
    • Measurement and Assessment in Science
    • Issues Readings and Research in Science
  3. Online Courses

File:Dove Lesson 1:Family Unions M.R.