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Ontological Knowledge-base for English Syntactic Grammar using Government and Binding Theory


Language is important in communication, whether it is in written format for record purpose or it is in spoken format for coordinating our everyday tasks. To analyze and learn a particular language the underlying theories have to be understood. This understanding gets enriched if the knowledge of these theories can be made to store in some knowledgebase. Ontology is one way to store this conceptual database. This paper describes the design and implementation of ontology for syntactic knowledge of English grammar. The knowledgebase in the form of ontology can be further used by other systems involving Language analysis and Language learning. First the Conceptual Design of ontology is provided in the light of both conventional and Government and Binding theory Grammar. Then the ontology is implemented using Protégé platform where the complex relationship between the various grammar entities can be seen as graph using OntoGraf. Manpreet Singh Sehgal, Twinkle Sehgal, Manjeet Tomar

HWPDE: Hidden Web Page Data Extraction


Diving into the World Wide Web for the purpose of fetching precious stones (relevant information) is a tedious task under the limitations of current diving equipments (Current Browsers). While a lot of work is being carried out to improve the quality of diving equipments, a related area of research is to devise a novel approach for mining. This paper describes a novel approach to extract the web data from the hidden websites so that it can be used as a free service to a user for a better and improved experience of searching relevant data. Through the proposed method, relevant data (Information) contained in the web pages of hidden websites is extracted by the crawler and stored in the local database so as to build a large repository of structured and indexed and ultimately relevant data. Such kind of extracted data has a potential to optimally satisfy the relevant Information starving end user.Manpreet Singh Sehgal and Anuradha

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