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Name Telephone Location Designation Age
Jane 0713956234 Arusha Accountant 27
Gasper 0714673456 Moshi Engineer 34
Mary 0713989734 Tanga Librarian 24
Sarah 0713989734 kenya educator 40

About Me


My nickname is Manka.

A library

I graduated with a BSc in Information Technology from RMIT, Australia in 2007. Currently, I specialize in E-libraries and I enjoy my profession. Very briefly, an E-library is a collection of digital objects. Digital libraries and Integrated Library Systems are two popular types of E-libraries.


  1. My hobbies and interests include programming, painting, traveling, listening to music and reading.
  2. I am familiar with various kinds of programming languages, including
  • Java
  • CSS
  • VB NET
  • Bison
  • C
  • Dreamweaver
  • Greenstone
  • KOHA etc

Internal Links

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External Links

Greenstone KOHA