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I was born in Iquique, Chile on 17 March in 1981. I have two sisters and a brother. I studied accountancy at INSTITUTO COMERCIAL A-6. Then, in 1995 I entered at Universidad Arturo Prat [1] to study Translation, I did ok. Then I got pregnant and got married.


  • Javier: very quiet but very handsome, he is the love of my life.
  • Cristobal: The reason of my existence. He is already three years old but he is always going to be my newborn baby.
  • Negra: she is my dog. Unfortunately she doesn't live with us (she's too big)she lives at my workplace.
  • Lula: She is Negras' daughter. she is one year old. she's a very beautiful dog and she lives with her mother.
  • Federiko: He is my other dog. I think he was battered because he didn't like people getting near him and if you were going to caress him he would pee... but now he is a rehabilitated dog, very tender and loveable.

That's it...


  1. Finish this task
  2. Go to bed
    • put on my pajamas
  3. And take some water.


this is my image