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My Profile

I am Ibrahim Kolawole Oyekanmi ("Mallamibro" to friends) born on the 2nd November 1971 in the Once peaceful city of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Professional Background

I have worked in the teaching profession at many levels ranging from teaching in Nursery and Primary Schools, Secondary Schools to lecturing in the Polytechnic. I am a registered member of IEEE and Computer Science Teachers Association. My online memberships include:<a href="">TakingITGlobal</a> and <a href="">Kabissa</a>; I am presently into private practice teaching Application packages ranging from the Microsoft Suite (2003 & 2007) in my Computer Training Academy here in Kano, Nigeria. As an I.T. Educator, My dream is to see as many people as possible become Computer literate. And i am a firm believer that Wikieducator is one way of "training the trainers"

My Interests


  • Soccer
  • Prose reading and Writing
  • Internet surfing.
  • Voluntary Community Development activities


Teaching and learning more about the folowing packages

  1. Ms Word
  2. Ms Excel
  3. Ms Publisher
  4. Ms Access
  5. Ms PowerPoint
  6. Ms IE
  7. Corel Graphics Suite

Computing is a very wide field and my choice of teaching application packages gives me the joy of placing my students on a firm footing to be able to go ahead and develop in any of the more advanced fields.

I believe, your ability to understand and use the basic Desktop Publishing and Data processing Application packages makes you ready and able to learn the more specialized fields.

My Lesson Template


<img src="" _fck_mw_filename="Mallamibro.jpg" _fck_mw_width="150" alt="Mallamibro" /> <img src="" _fck_mw_filename="MITA LOGO 2010.jpg" _fck_mw_width="150" alt="MITA, Kano-Nigeia" />

My Projects

i am currently involoved in the creation/editing of the following pages:

  1. <a href="User:Mallamibro/tutorials">Mallamibro's Computer Tutorials</a>
  2. <a href="CCNC/Ms Word">Wordprocessing using Microsoft Word 2003</a>
  3. <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Nigeria">Nigeria</a>

I am open to collaborations with other educators especially in the field of teaching Application packages

My Sandbox

<a href="Practice:Mallamibro New">My playground</a>

My Reflections

  1. Looking at the speed and ease Information Technology has brought to our world, it is a duty on us all to make sure we share the knowledge.
  2. Knowledge acquisition and sharing is one big joy of life, who would wish for life without knowledge?
  3. Of all assets you can bequeath to a child, the greatest is a good education.

Feedback & Notes from my <a href="WikiNeighbour">WikiNeighbours</a>

  • <img src="" _fck_mw_filename="80px-Wikineighbour V2.png" _fck_mw_width="60" alt="" />Hello Ibrahim! I hope we can assist you in becoming a Wikiartisan! I like what you've done with your user page. --<a href="User:Bnleez">Benjamin Stewart</a> 03:29, 27 September 2010 (UTC) (Comment.gif: Hi Benjamin, Thanks, Its great being back on WE. I intend to create a new tabular layout for my page, but problems with my Internet connectivity held me back. i'd be starting out soon. and i'd call on you for guidance. Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi 10:25. 29 February 2010 (GMT))

Welcome to eL4C45

Your facilitators:

Hi Ibrahim, Welcome to WikiEducator. Your user page is really coming along. I noticed that you are interested in creating beginner computer tutorials. I have been working on a tutorial for OpenOffice Calc (in case you are not familiar with OpenOffice, Calc is the spreadsheet program). You can see what I've done so far on the tutorial <a href="OpenOffice/Calc 3">here</a>. Let me know if you'd like to help with this project, or I can offer some assistance on developing resources for the topics you listed on your <a href="User:Mallamibro/tutorials">tutorials</a> page. Also, there is a <a href="CompGloss">computer glossary</a> that still needs lots of work. When I first started on WikiEduator, I worked on the mathematics glossary as one of my first projects. The great thing about working on a glossary is that each entry is short and very doable. I felt so proud at having completed my first page -- I was so amazed at how good it looked. Let me know your thoughts. I'll keep an eye out for your reply to this message -- which you can type in just below this message. Your WikiNeighbor, --<a href="User:ASnieckus">Alison Snieckus</a> 03:14, 11 February 2010 (UTC) <span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Ibrahim, your page has come together nicely. I just certified you Level 2. Congratulations!! Well done. Warm wishes --[[User:Pschlicht|Patricia Schlicht]] 02:22, 18 February 2010 (UTC)}}</span> <span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Thanks Patricia, Check the Nigeria Country page, I am also trying to set it up --[[User:Mallamibro|Ibrahim Oyekanmi]] 09:12, February 18 2010 (GMT)}}</span><br />

Great to see your response on my user page. I'm glad you liked the idea of working on the computer glossary. I've not actually worked on it, but had noticed that it definitely needs some work :) You might want to check out how the <a href="MathGloss">math glossary</a> is organized, or the <a href="EnvGloss/How to help">how to help</a> page on the brand new environmental glossary. These both provide some ideas for how to structure the computer glossary pages. (You've probably noticed that the computer glossary pages have at least two kinds of structures so far. Feel free to implement a common structure, if you think it would be improved in this way.
Here are links to a few glossary entries that I've done. <a href="User:Chela5808">Gladys</a> has made a lot of wonderful entries to the math glossary, also: <a href="EnvGloss/B/Biosphere">Biosphere</a> -- note the inclusion of a picture (I like how it brightens up the page). Instead of creating my own picture, I found something suitable on and then linked directly to it -- see the code on the page for how to do this, also note that the image then becomes a page on WikiEducator...very cool. <a href="MathGloss/F/Frequency table">Frequency table</a> <a href="MathGloss/O/Outlier#Examples">Outlier</a> I like your idea of how we could work together to create similar resources for the different office programs. Your wiki skills are really progressing quickly. You are a very quick learner.
Your WikiNeighbor, --<a href="User:ASnieckus">Alison Snieckus</a>; 03:52, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

Hi Ibrahim, 

I have just added I-signed-OED template on it as you required. I realized that you have added a template called infobox personalfckLR (that is shown in red letters) where you have filled your personal info. Well, you only need to fill in you personal info in lines numbers 2 to 12 as I did for you in line number 12. Be sure you are in wiki text before to do this. Don't forget to delete template infobox personalfckLR too. Don't worry "The pactice makes the master". Your WikiNeighbour, --<a href="User:J vidals">Jorge Vidals</a> 17:00, 13 February 2010 (UTC) 

<br />

Hi Kolawole, 

I lived nine years in Cuba and the Cuban culture has many things that come from the Nigerian culture especially from Yoruba origins. In the religion called Santería they use songs in Yoruba language. It's great you are participating this workshop. In your page I see you have already knowledge about how to use Wiki pages. I think Wiki can give great opportunities for learning anywhere in the Globe. Best wishes! -- <a href="User:Teromakotero">Teromakotero</a> 15:33, 17 February 2010 (UTC) <span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Tero, Thanks, Its great receiving visits from Wikineighbours [[User:Mallamibro|Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi]] 16:55. 17 February 2010 (GMT)}}</span> 

<br />

<br /><span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Ibrahim. Great work so far. You actually don't need any html codes here. It's all set up in the way that if you follow the instructions, it is very straight forward, and with the new rich text editing feature (open you 'edit' tab and you'll see it, it is like word processing without the html part of the language. The infobox at the top is already a template, you only need to complete. I have reenter it. you might want to move everything you try out into your sandbox. Make sure you use the features learned in this last week (bullet, italic, numbered lists and bold) Well done! Warm wishes, --[[User:Pschlicht|Patricia Schlicht]] 22:50, 12 February 2010 (UTC)}}</span> 

Hi Ibrahim, 

Great work, and congrats for the certification Apprentice Level. Keep up the good work. <a href="User:Doywil">Doywil</a> 

<br />

HI:  I have worked with both the 2003 and 2007 Office Suite in both instructional design as well as providing training in face-to-face and at a distance.  I am also a strong believer in computer literacy for all and find your project wonderful.  If there is anything I can offer or do to help, I am very interested and more then willing to participate.  I wish you luck <a href="User:Gjemel">Gjemel</a>Glenna <br /><span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Doywil, Thanks for the visit, I'd be checking on your page also soon}}</span> 

<span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note| Hello Ibrahim, very good looking, your personal page. Soccer will be soon the most important issue for some weeks - will you watch it? Or do you prefer to exercise it with your team?<br /> Have a good time --[[User:Reiner|-Reiner-]] 20:51, 4 June 2010 (UTC)}}</span> 

<span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Dear Ibrahim, so glad to see you here again. you are really taking advantage of this opportunity and that is great thing. Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything, this is what I am here for. Warm wishes --[[User:Pschlicht|Patricia Schlicht]] 16:12, 21 July 2010 (UTC)}}</span> <span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Patricia, Its great being on the L4C Workshop again. Thanx. I came in late, I really plan to restructure my page and add more sections, i'll certainly be needing your guidance. --[[User:Mallamibro|Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi]] 19:40. 25 July 2010 (GMT)}}</span> 

<span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Ibrahim, great start, let me know if I can help. Some ICT course released under Creative Commons [ here] might be useful to you? Peace. [[User:Richardnz|Richardnz]] 12:57, 25 July 2010 (UTC)}}</span> <span class="fck_mw_template">{{Note|Hi Richanrdnz, Thanx. I came in late, the Power and network has been hard on me. But i should see thro the Workshop. I will check up the ICT courses you mentioned. I really appreiate it. I'd be checking on your page soon --[[User:Mallamibro|Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi]] 19:40. 25 July 2010 (GMT)}}</span> 

<br />

<br /><span class="fck_mw_template">{{EL4C38Welcome}}</span> <br /><span class="fck_mw_template">{{WE_Meeting38}}</span> <br /><span class="fck_mw_template">{{EL4C36Welcome}}</span> <span class="fck_mw_template">{{EL4C35Welcome}}</span>
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