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Malisa R World

==My profile==


My name is Malisa Richards. I reside in Georgetown, Guyana. I work at the Kuru Kuru Co-operative College located in D'Urban Backlands, Georgetown, Guyana. Prior to work, i spend most of my time between my grand parents home, church and home. I am the youngest child for my parents. My mother has two children and my father has 10. I also have an adopted sister whom my mother adopted. My mother is an Economist by profession and my dad is retired.

Growing up, i was very active in the discipline of table tennis. I retired from the sport August 2004. In 1995 I won the National Junior Girls title, 1997 - 2000 - National Womens Champion 1997 US Open, 1998 Caribbean Junior Girls Champion. 1995 - 1999 I never lost the Junior Girls crown.

I have been working at the Kuru Kuru Co-operative College since 2002. In 2005 we embarked on an elearning project where i headed the team and we implemented the Moodle platform and started offering courses to our students online. In 2007 I was contacted by Brain Street Technology who wanted to offer courses at a commercial level to Guyanese and the Caribbean at large. November 2007 Brain Street secured a contract to offer Cavehill School of Business Executive MBA.

2006 I applied to Cleveland Institute of Electronics to do my Associate in Applied Science in Computer Information Technology and Systems Management. September 2009 I will commence my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Guyana where I'll spend 3 years doing that programme.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • OERs and Open Source
  • Elearning
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources
  • Networking Computers
  • Teaching
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Hydroponic Farming
  • Volunteering
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources

My Website, blog and contact particulars

I am from the Information Technology Department of the Kuru Kuru Co-operative College For more information about Kuru Kuru Co-operative College.

Kuru Kuru Co-operative College Website

Kuru Kuru Co-operative College Elearning Site