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My Wiki profile

=About me

My name is Dr Mahlet Mulugeta, i am working in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Natations(FAO)Ethiopia as National Consultant in Food security team under Disaster Risk Managment Unit

My professinal life::

  I have graduated from Addis Ababa University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I am also a certifed international project manager form AAPMI(America Acadamy of Project managment institution)

 Sustainble mangmnent

  1. Livestock Guidlines
  2. Seed Guidlines

===My interest===:

Area of La nina drought affected countries

My Hoby is reading books specialy spritual, watching movies with my friends,  taking a long walk and love to go to galleries 

CTA Website

My interest:

  • To know more about humaneterian interventions and guidlines and play a role in addressing the current situation as my ability allows me
  • my professional interest is to do my Msc in Public health or Epideomology<span style="text-decoration: underline;" />