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Building an educational theory in indian context


it has been a great concern for educators now a days to evaluate the existing "theories" of education, in terms of the revelence of these theories in actual practice.people have tried to explore the nature of educational theories and their scope.many western educators and philosophers of education have tried to understand educational theories as a

                 aims and objectives

  1. to understand educational theories not as mere theories which have less concern with actual practice, but as a real structure and framework which provide practicle guidelines for educational practice.
  2. to understand what actually are the demands of the indian education
  3. to contextulise the existing educational theories in india.

                    project plan

we want suggestions to undertake this project . everyone is invited to share their views regarding this project.

                   achivements we want

  1. to have a rigouros understanding of what the existing educational theories are.
  2. to apply the educational theories in various fields of educational practice.
  3. to have contextulised version of educational theories.