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A little bit about myself


My name is Maggy Beukes-Amiss, and I am from a beautiful country by the name of Namibia, not that your countries are not beautiful.....but I am very proud of my country and the new happenings in the field of ICTs and eLearning in particular.

I am very passionate about eLearning, and I am currently the country coordinator of the NOLNet eLearning Centre in Namibia. NOLNet eLC is a multi-stakeholder entity, where we as educational institutions join hands from 2005 to make a success of eLearning in Namibia.

I am also a full-time employee at the Unversity of Namibia, and Head of the Department of Information and Communication Studies.

I started participating in several eLearning workshops and courses since 2004. We just finished a regional eLearning Africa course in Addis Abeba,funded by InWent, where we as NOLNet eLC and an external Austrian company, Common Sense, trained 21 participants in course production of instructionally desingned online courses using eXe Learning authoring tool.

Let me provide you with some of my favourite web links:

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