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My name is (Mr.)Mafata Paul Mafata. I am living at Sebothoane found in Leribe District of Lesotho. It is a township village. I am currently employed at the Lesotho College of Education to teach Instructional Technology. My duty is to equip all the student teachers with possible classroom technology skills. My Course focuses more on the design and utility of Instructional materials. The intention is to encourage and foster a kind of constructivist learning in which the student is at the center.


2009: Obtained a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Kwazulu-Natal:UKZN (South Africa).

2006: Obtained a Bachelor Degree (B.Ed Hons) in Educational Technology from UKZN.

2003; obtained a Bachelor Degree (B.Agric Economics) from the University of Fort Hare

      (South Africa).

1994: obtained a Secondary Teacher Certificate in Agriculture and Science at The National

       Teacher Training College, currently known as LESOTHO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.


2009 until up to date; serving the Lesotho College of Education.

1997-2008: employed at Likhakeng High School. A reason for a departure; better working


1995-1996: Maryland Vocational High School. A reason for departure; favourable conditions.