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Who am I

I am Michael Anthony Kwesi Adomina. Iam a native of Adidome, a town in the Volta region of Ghana. I am a lecturer in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Education in the University of Education, Winneba. My research areas are collection of folksongs rhythmic patterns of indigenous dances for educational use.

I also teach how to teach indigenous dances to students.I am a composer and director of choral music both in the community and in institutions. You can get me on +2330243840123 or 0209164071. Adomina picture.jpg


Ago! Ago! Ago!!!THIS IS A GREAT MAN Chiefs and Elders of the community, I salute you. Professor Jophus Anamua Mensah, You are a great man, whose footsteps create great path. Your command gathers crowd. You speak and the effect runs through the body. You teach and wisdom overflows banks.

Professor Anamua Mensah, Your name reaches far and near and even overseas. Neither eyes nor ears are bored by your marvelous deeds. Satisfaction is derived from your deeds by the present witnesses down to the future generation. You create a vacuum that cannot be easily filled by your successors. You are a strong peg for educational related issues in Ghana and even beyond. You planted a little seedling that has grown to become a great tree, full of abode for living things of all kinds.

Colleagues, Can we get exact replacement of this personality? Professor, you fulfill the laws of nature and keep the nation growing. Those you are leaving behind promise to hold fast to that which you have established. The marks of your footprint shall for ever remain. Your able Lieutenants that contribute greatly to your success would continue in the same spirit. Although on retirement, you will continue to be reservoir of knowledge and good source of consultancy to the future generation. A good labourer deserves his appropriate reward.

Your numerous awards both at home and away are manifestation of your good labour. Professor Anamua Mensah, may the omnipotent Lord shower His bountiful blessings on you and your entire family; so that your retirement would pave the way for more wonderful things for this noble institution and Ghana as a whole. Your soft spoken, melodious and pleasing voice and accurate guidance are excellent source of satisfaction to angry and hungry soul. Would your successor properly fit into your shoes?

Yes! Your selfless sharing of wisdom and expertise with others would definitely result into getting a fitting replacement. For there is an adage in Eטe that Ne ati ku la, ati tae dze na. Meaning, when a tree dies the stump shoots. Professor, May God bless oyu. May the good Lord bless you May the Omnipotent God Bless you. Thank you all. MICHAEL ANTHONY KWESI ADOMINA (DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS EDUCATION)