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  • My family (Wendy, Anthony, Catherine and Jessica);
  • Launching WikiEducator as a community to support and promote eduction in the developing world using free content and open networks;
  • Founding project leader of the eLearning XHTML Editor (eXe) project helping to widen access to web publishing in education for all teachers using free software;
  • Creating spaces to work with African educators in building free content for Africa by Africa through the (FLOSS4Edu) project;
  • Widening access to ICT skills development for everyone through projects like the WikiEducator Newbie Tutorials and the Learning4Content initiative -- the world's largest wiki skills training project for educators;
  • Supporting Kiwi teachers in building a national OER commons for New Zealand and sharing this experience to help other countries establish their own national OER portals;
  • Invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation.