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Key points
A significant feature of the OERu model is that courses are based solely on OER and typically assembled from existing OER. The purpose of this page is to identify any gaps in the course materials or where improvement will be required to meet the standards of your institution. The content and structure of this page will be determined by your approach for the course, for example:
  • If this is an existing course developed by your institution to be released under a free cultural works approved open license, this page might contain a summary identifying any third party copyright resources which must be replaced by OERs.
  • If the course is a full OER course sourced on the Internet, this page will summarize any gaps between the OER course and your specified learning outcomes.
  • If the course is assembled from OERs from a variety of sources, this page may contain a summary of the resources reviewed to assist with selection of the most suitable resources for reuse and/or remix. See for example this review of existing OERs for the Open Content Licensing course.
  • Be sure to consider the file formats of the source materials to estimate the effort required for conversion into editable formats.
  • Many courses may direct learners to open access materials available on the web. Here the licensing of the materials, formats etc are less of an issue. However all core OERu course materials, for instance study guides, must be available under a free cultural works approved license (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA or Public Domain declaration) and available in open file formats to be accommodated on the WikiEducator platform.