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Key points
  • The wiki design and development model does not require a detailed and lengthy design blueprint because the process is iterative and the design becomes transparent as the development progresses.
  • The purpose of the design blueprint is to provide a high level overview for potential collaborators, the detail emerges in the relevant subpages of the project plan and draft materials.

Metadata summary

  • Level:
  • Discipline:
  • Notional learning hours:
  • Credits
  • Local credential at your institution:

Intended target audience

Add a few bullet points describing the intended target audience. Invite your team and open community to contribute.

  • Add bullet
  • Add bullet

Delivery model

Provide a brief description of the delivery model including any relevant technologies. In short, describe how you intend to teach the course.

Assessment model

Describe the assessment approach, with particular emphasis on the components of the summative assessment strategy. Provide information on what constitutes a pass and how this will be determined. Bear in mind that OERu learners will not be registered students at your institution until they request assessment and credentialing services from the OERu anchor partners.

Interaction strategies

Provide a brief summary describing:

Student-content interactions

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  • Add bullet

Student-student interactions

  • Add bullet
  • Add bullet

Student-tutor interactions

Remember that the OERu delivery model will rely on Academic Volunteers.

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  • Add bullet.

Learning outcomes / Graduate profile

List learning outcomes for the course here or link to a subpage containing the relevant detail. This will be important for considering credit transfer among OERu anchor partners.