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I spend most of my time in WikiEducator and hang out on the main discussion group. I still hold the record for the most posts to our main list and this is my main communication channel with the WikiEducator family. I'm also a member of the Teacher Collaboration Forum, WikiEducator Tech List, WikiEducator Community Council List and the OERNZ List. I'm a lazy microblogger and from time to time will post on my twitter, and facebook accounts. Yes, I do resort to posting the same feed to all my social network accounts (I said I was a lazy microblogeer). My contributions in WikiEducator and the main discussion list are my blog.

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. My recent contributions in WikiEducator is the best place to keep up with what I'm doing. Further contact details are provided in my personal infobox on the right or send me an email. I always do my best to answer all emails -- but sometimes my inbox gets too full to attend to all my mail :-(. If urgent -- please send a copy with "URGENT" in the subject line.