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This is my practice page and I am going to write something about me and my family

We now live in Vailele

There is only me and my two kids living there right now

Two of them are now in Savaii:
One of them is in New Zealand::

There is too many people coming and going

Come and work more

Go and play outside

show time2

I am glad to be in this workshop

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  • Watson
    • Katopau
  • Collier
    • Maliumai
  • Vaitoelau
  • John Timann
  • Faavaivaiomanu
  1. Moli
    1. Molisaina
    2. Molisamoa
  2. Fai
    1. Faipula
    2. Faimata
  3. Koko
    1. Kokosamoa
    2. Kokopalagi

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this is the main pre knowledge

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Make sure this is read carefully