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Biography of Mosses Ndiyaine


Mr.Mosses is a Pastoralist from Oloirobi village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area -Tanzania. He grew up as a cattle herder and was send to school by the catholic missionaries. He is the writer and author to numerous texts about indigenous people and today the coordinator of the Indigenous Heartland Organization (IHO) at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Education and skills

Mosses is a Public Administrator by Profession and currently working on project management. Mr. Mosses has strong proven management skills, good interpersonal skills and experiences of working with conflict management and with a mature approach to development work and posses considerable diplomatic negotiating skills. He has been a consulting person on issues of indigenous people and a human right activist


Apologies that the template is only provided in English, but feel free to respond in French or Spanish when reviewing the French or Spanish versions of the draft Programme! When providing comments please keep in mind the following points:

Core Programme Area 2

Sharing nature’s benefits fairly and equitably – This is an important addition to the Global Programme and one in which IHO has a great deal to contribute. Keep CPA2 in mind as well as you formulate responses to the three Thematic Programme Areas. Think big picture and consider the change we want to see – Does the Draft Programme have a fair analysis of the world today.IHO seeks to be a catalyst of change and bring about transformation. What are the intended changes in policy, behavior or governance that we can influence as a means to achieve impact of biodiversity conservation and human well-being? Challenge assumptions, think outside the box – We are not yet succeeding in our mission. This may require a change in the way we do business and with whom we do business. What assumptions should we challenge to allow innovation and transformation both within our own community and within other sectors / mainstream appro

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