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The Family

The family may be defined as a number of persons living unedr the same roof who are intimately related and who interrelate economically,socially and emotionally.
The family may be seen as an institution that is the cornerstone of society.
Families exist as an important means by which individuals learn the norms and values of society.
The Nuclear Family

Hazel Manning

The Changes in the Family in the Last 20 years


How Families Begin

Families may begin in any one of the following ways

  • conventional marriage
    • courtship dating engagement marriage
  • traditional marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • shot gun marriage
  • elope

Types of Families

  1. single parent family
    • consisting of mother or father and child children
  2. nuclear family
    • consisting of mother father and child children
  3. extended family
    • consisting of a number of generations living under the same roof
  4. reconstituted family
    • consisting of previously divorced persons remarrying and joining their families to make a new one
  5. sibling household
    • consisting of the eldest sibling caring for the younger ones in the absence of parents in the household

Functions of Families

  • Biological or Reproductive
  • Educational
  • Socialization
  • Cultural or Traditional
  • Economical or Financial
  • Emotional or Affectional

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At the end of this lesson students will be able to identify and explain:
  1. the concept of the family
  2. how a family begins
  3. the funtions of families
  4. types of families