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I never knew that guardian angels exist until God send me one when I desperately needed one. My guardian angel saved me when I was arrested for overstaying by a day in Zambia, Lusaka. Who would ever thought that an exciting, carefree trip to Zambia to visit friends would end with a possibility of me facing jail time? So here is my story how my guardian angel saved me.

It was a hot Monday morning and I was on my way back to Namibia after a good visit to my friends in Lusaka that I met while taking a course in Helsinki, Finland. We passed by a roadblock just outside Lusaka, where the immigration officers asked to see our passports. On observing my passport, the immigration officer commanded me out of the bus and i obeyed. He explained to me that I have intervened the laws of the country as I have overstayed by a day. As punishment I was ordered to pay a fine or wait to be taken to jail later on the day. I didn't have the money they were asked and the only possibility was to go to prison. I stayed at the roadblock for a good three hours waiting to be taken to prison, but God had other plans for me.

As I stand there pleading with immigration officers, my guarding angel just drove by, looked at me and asked for my passport. Before I knew it, I was a free woman and I was given an additional week to stay in Zambia as my stay was "deemed of interest to the Zambian people." Now I am not going to discuss how he did that or whether it was legal or not, because even myself I don't know.

Before this day I never believed in miracles much less guardian angels, but it's true what they say "believing is seeing". from that day on, God has come through for me in so many occasions than I can remember and I know he's always there for me!