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im excited to be acquainted with wiki educator, its my first time and i already feel excited to be on this site. i have been using the internet for some time now but i feel like its my first time.

well maybe i should start at the begin, im attending web 2.0 course for development and i am learning new ways of using the internet

below are some of the things that i have learnt:

\ primary education/

how to use Google alerts how to use feedly AND delicious ooh my and using Wiki's

secondary education

i am ashamed to say i have been using the computer for almost 10 years and my knowledge of the internet has only been limited to email, not so successful searches on Google and Facebook

i feel like a totally new person


Simunza'Bold text

agriculture is the bread basket of Botswana"s economy

  • mango
  • banana
  • grapes
    • white grapes
    • red grapes
  1. lemon
  2. orange
  3. grapefruit