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Tutorial #1: The three sisters to Wikipedia that I looked at were Wikinews, Wikiquote and Wikibooks. Wikinews is different than Wikipedia because it offers news from today as well as older news articles. Wikipedia is more of a broad webpage with more than just news as a subject. Wikiquote is different than Wikipedia because it is a webpage that offers a variety of quotes from the community of internet users. The last one, Wikibooks is different in that it offers a wide range of resources and option for books(free library).

Tutorial #2:created account.

Tutorial #3:The reason that I have chosen to enter the Wiki community is that I wish to contribute to the community by sharing my ideas. I also wish to learn and increase my knowledge through the experience of others.

Tutorial #4:

  1. Highlight the word you want to appear in bold and click on the Bold button
  1. Highlight the word you want to appear in italics and click on the Italics button

I enjoy playing sports and reading.

I love to eat ice cream and watch movies with friends.


Things to do:

  • Make a Wiki account
  • Complete Tutorials
  • Find Lesson Ideas
  • Complete assigned reading

I am hoping that the content coming soon will contribute to my understanding with how children adapt to different classroom situations.

Tutorial # 5: favorite Books [external]

Tutorial #6:Name of Picture goes here.jpg

Tutorial #7:"This is a dummy vandal entry"