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These are just some ideas in my head at the moment.----Janet Bianchini 21:47, 25 November 2009 (UTC)

  • continue to develop content for the Abruzzo page bit by bit
  • ways of exploiting images/pictures in learning - this area is a particular favourite of mine
  • ways of teaching phrasal verbs - I love teaching them!
  • e-mentoring - an area I am interested in
  • collaborative e-learning
  • facilitation skills online
  • developing a PLN ( personal learning network )
  • exploiting Twitter as a learning tool

Here is a WikiEducator link to [Developing a Teaching Resource]

I can use this to learn how to create a worksheet in the WE way!

It'll be good for me to copy examples, adapt them for my purpose and therefore, learn by doing. It's the only way to do it..