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Gardening for Schools

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The gardening for schools initiative draws strong similarities with Kenya’s education initiatives aimed at having an integrated approach to improving quality of learning, health and nutrition in disadvantaged schools. Key highlights about this initiative is its success in the ability to link gardening to learning,while achieving maximum benefits in imparting of life skills in the learners. This can be pegged on proper policy framework at national level, as well as the strategic programme approach and implementation plans.

These include:

At national level

  • The programme enjoys the backing of the UK curriculum reviews that have moved from a purely subject based approach to teaching, to a learner centered approach, advocating for the development of skills, knowledge and understanding by learners.
  • Capacity building of teachers on how to use gardening in delivering the curriculum and improving all aspects of school life.
  • The programme support structure offers a hands-on local support, as well as online teaching and learning tools.
  • Promote sharing of good practices by campaigning to get the benefits of the programme widely understood.
  • The programme has been included in the Early Childhood Education as well as Special Needs Education sector, as a teaching aid.

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