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Relations and Functions


A relation is defined to be any set of ordered pairs.

Representation of Relations  

  • Set Notation
  • Mapping Diagram
  • Tables
  • Graph


A relation in which corresponding to every input , there is only one output is called a function.

Function Notation    

The symbol f(x) is read as "the value of f at x" or simply " f of x " . It doesnot mean f times x. f(x) is called the function notation.

Evaluating a Function    

Consider the function f(x) .To evaluate f(a)

  1. Replace all x`s witha in the definition of f(x)  
  2. Simplify the expression

Example :   Let f(x) = 2x -3 .Find f(-1)


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Logical Model


Boxes and Borders

The Rules for Differentiation

  1. Constant Multiplie Rule
  2. Sum and difference Rule
  3. Product Rule
  4. Quotient Rule
  5. Chain Rule