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Hallo World


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Indicate whether the following statements are true or false:

  • The origins of plagiarism can be traced to society's moral conviction that it is wrong to copy someone's work
    • True
      • Incorrect. The notion of plagiarism did not exist prior to the inception of copyright. Only since the introduction of copyright did it become legally and socially unaceptable to copy without attributing the author.
    • False
      • Correct. Plagiarism is more of a historical construct than a moral issue, albeit that today we consider the act of copying to be ethically questionable in the absence of attributing the original author.
  • Copyright was first introduced to protect the rights of the copyright holder.
    • True
      • Incorrect. Copyright was originally introduced to restrict the rights of the copyright holder.
    • False
      • Correct. The concept of copyright was introduced as the "Act for the Encouragement of Learning" thus promoting the right to copy.

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  • One
  • Two