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Are Fractions Commutative?

Creating Fraction Strips

  • Use pre-cut pieces of paper
  • On the first piece of paper write 1 and one whole.
  • The second piece is folded in half, write 1/2 and one half
  • Continue for quarters and eighths

Using Fraction Strips for Multiplication

  • write the equation in symbols e.g. 1/3 x 3/8
  • Then use the language e.g. 1/3 of 3/8
  • Using the strip with eighths, cover all but three eighths.
  • Visually it is easy to see that one third of three eighths is one eighth
  • What other fractional multiplication problems can you solve with your fraction strips?

Commutative Property of Mutiplication

  • 3 x 4 = 4 x 3 (even though they don't look the same)
  • Does 1/3 x 3/8 yield the same answer as 3/8 x 1/3?
  • What is the answer if we swap just the numerators? e.g. 3/3 x 1/8?

Fraction Strips

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