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Soon I will have content for this page. I hope it will be useful
Playtime, bold, italic, bold and italic, and more to come

OK, I used the toolbar to create the text markup above, but this time will use the keyboard:
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

This is a heading

This is the next level down

And down again

Now I'll do the activity

Semester 1

This is where information goes about Semester 1

Week 1

This is where we will talk about the work to be done in week 1

Topic 1

Topic 1 is all about marking up text for a wiki page

Indenting text

indenting text is done by using the colon:
indenting text further add another colon::
and so on, ad infinitum:::

Bulletted and numbered lists

These need to be created manually - they do not appear on the toolbar.

Bulletted list (unordered list)

Use the asterisk

  • item one
  • item two
    • two asterisks to indent again

Numbered list

Use the hash symbol

  1. number one
  2. number two
    • Hash symbol and asterisk to give bullet under a number

So it looks like here the # symbol on its own says go in one space, and the asterisk gives you the bullet at the second level

Mixed lists

Therefore if I wanted to indent under a number I'd need to:

  1. number
    indent under a number - I used the hash symbol followed by a colon

This gives a very large space, so to avoid this I would need to:

  1. number
then a line break followed by a colon to indent to line up the text

Unfortunately the spacing for each does not line up, but at least it gives an indication of hierarchy

Nope try this its easier

  1. Point number one
    • sub bullet
      • sub bullet two

--Wayne Mackintosh 03:15, 14 October 2007 (CEST)
Thanks for that Wayne, what I was looking for was a numbered para no.1 with another para within that (not bulleted), then followed by para no. 2. Just had a look at the editing help and it looks like this isn't possible.

1. para number 1

text under para number 1

2. para number 2 (no coding used for this)

nice - putting a space at the beginning of a line gives me a coloured block with text content - I wonder what other little goodies we will learn about later.

Creating a link to a new page within WikiEducator

Working with images

This first is a link to an image already existing in WikiEducator. Originally I added the image fullsize then changed to thumbnail which is much more user-friendly, smaller to download.

This is my first thumbnail

Icon activity.jpg
Inserting an image with a frame. This shows as full size regardless of thumb or size settings. Defaults right, so needs info to align center.

Sub head to make editing easier

This is my image. However, if you want to brush up on old Wikieducator news, go here.

Image format options


and another version

Creative commons image - hand holding dollar notes in front of a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds

Uploading an image from another source

Lightening in the night sky

Inserting a pdf file

There is no useful content in this test file