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A Hard Time

Hi everyone,

Sometimes life can be very hard. everybody want to do something nice for someone you car about, and not always they can do it. For example when I wanted to make a surprise to my mother birthday celebration I don’t succeed because I didn’t know how to do that, I wonted to make her a cake, and I didn’t know how. It was very frustrated that after 10 not successful experiences I still don’t be able to make a cake. In the end I asked from my aunt to give me a easer raspy and she help me make the cake, that came out very good. I suggest to all the people who wanted to bake a cake to someone they like to ask someone who knows how to cook and he will help you.

my school trip

how was your trip ? ligal: my trip was good. chen: my trip was very funny.

What did you do during the 3 days of your trip? Ligal and Chen: we was having a very good time with all our friends we traveling Jerusalem, going to the the Western Wall of Herod's temple in Jerusalem,/


It's very important that every student will have listening skills because there is a case's when the teacher wound not write the material on the bored or in papers , so every student will have to learn from what he was hard. There are some students which have a problem with the listening, there problem is that they get board very fast because they can't stay focus very long time so they start to thing about attar things that they find them interesting. This problem can be fix by taking special pills that will save them focus.


Eating Disorder

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    • What worked and what didn't work for you.
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