Otago Polytechnic 2008 Salary Review

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This is an application for Salary Review with Otago Polytechnic's Salary Review Committee (SRC). Included with this application is:

  1. This letter of application from yourself to the SRC stating the reason for your application
  2. Letter from my Service Manager supporting my application and stating current salary position and proposed new point
  3. Performance Review recently completed by myself and my manager
  4. Independent Colleague Feedback Report
  5. Independent Customer Feedback
  6. Additional information to support my application

When I came from Australia and took the position of Programme Manager in the Educational Development Centre I did not have a real sense of what an annual salary might be worth in the Dunedin economy. I presented my skills, experiences and expertise and accepted the salary that was offered considering the Polytechnic's generous contribution to relocatation of my wife and I to Dunedin and a better life style.

Now it has been nearly 3 years with the Polytechnic where I have proven my commitment to educational development, and a willingness to work consistently beyond my level. I have helped position the Polytechnic as National and International leader in its educational activities, along with several academic staff in their respective areas of teaching and research.

  • I have initiated and followed through on radical changes in the way the Polytechnic considers its educational practices, its marketing, its IT infrastructure and policy, its management of educational content, and its economic, ecological and social sustainability, all of which has significant impact on our educational development
  • I have personally introduced and independently supported a great many staff in the development of highly relevant and important skills and awareness of the contemporary Internet and how it relates to their professional development, educational development, teaching and research.
  • I have played the key role in positioning the Polytechnic as National and International leader with regard to copyright for education, by assisting and advising the Leadership Team in writing a progressive and widely cited Intellectual Property Policy that enables teaching staff to engage on an international scale in educational development and open educational practices.
  • I instigated the signing of the Capetown Declaration that situates the Polytechnic as the first Vocational training and education institution to commit to the development of open educational resources and practices
  • I present keynote presentations to almost all the major education conferences in Australia and New Zealand
  • I publish papers in peer reviewed journals, as well as regularly online and have an international reputation for innovative ideas and practices
  • I facilitate 2 formal courses mostly as a model of my educational development goals. One of which has attracted participation from over 100 international students for a 17 week course.
  • I supervise one full time staff member in the Educational Development Centre, along with several independent cotractors and department staff in the various projects I manage.
  • I involve myself in many projects outside the immediate brief of Educational Development and Programme Developer, such as the Sustainable Habitat Challenge, the Living Campus, and the Otago Sustainability forum, as well as numerous conferences and gathering for my field in media generally.

As my colleague and customer feedback shows, I do all this in excess of what is expected of me and what is expected of my level. I hold an esteemed and international reputation in my field with a rapidly growing portfolio and network. If the Polytechnic saw fit to reward my service to date, they would ensure my ongoing commitment in a time where I am now confident with the internal workings of the organisation, so at a time were my productivity and efficiency is approaching maturity in the organisation, and where I aim to see my vision for education at the Polytechnic through to its critical and self perpetuating point.