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Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to brainstorm ideas for a survey on the perception of teachers and educators pertaining to questions of intellectual property, copyright and the use of free content resources to support their teaching.


We will use this page to brainstorm ideas for the development of a short survey form. The list of possible questions listed below are not necessarily in the format of a well designed survey instrument, but are intended to help direct the development of a reliable survey instrument. We anticipate the following phases:

  1. Brainstorming ideas for questions - Anticipated completion date???
  2. Refining the survey instrument based on the principles of well founded research design - Anticipated completion date??
  3. Pilot testing of the survey instrument - Anticipated completion date??
  4. Implementation of the online survey - Anticipated completion date??
  5. Collation of results


OERs are a recent phenomenon in the education sector - the level of concern there is towards an institution and individual's intellectual property and copy rights. Many teachers producing educational media under the belief that their profession is or should be afforded allowances in copyrights for educational purposes. Others believe there is monetary gains to be had from the educational resources they develop and therefore choose to reserve all copyrights of their IP. It is a curious development that I think is only recent, perhaps it may have something to do with the 'airtime' afforded by mass and broadcast media towards copyright issues. The shut down of Napster, the unavoidable copyright warnings on all DVDs and games, the technology developments that attempt to control copy such as digital rights management, and the free trade agreements that enforce US copyright laws...

I would like to measure the state of perceptions in teachers towards copyright. I would like to find out how much willingness there is for free culture licensing (though it may not be put in those terms) and from that develop a strategy for growing awareness and use of free cultural works in education.

Aims of the survey

  • List aims here

Ideas for questions

Does copyright affect your work?

What is aceptable copying to you in your teaching practice:

  1. Photocopy of an entire book to handout to disadvantaged students
  2. Digitisation of a chapter so you can refer to it online
  3. Using Google image search to find images for your slide presenations
  4. Contacting the copyright holders of all the content you would like to use in your course, and negotiating permission for copying
  5. Paying an anual fee to a copyrights agency based on usage estimates conducted by that agency

Do you optain release forms from people's whose image or intellectual property you use?

Do you know what Creative Commons is?

Do you know what the General Publication License is?

Tentative survey questions

This is where you can refine ideas for questions into possible survey questions, taking into account the requirements for well-founded survey design.