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About Me

Labib Mallick

My name is Labib Yeasami Mallick and I am from Bangladesh. Currently I am a student of Graduate Diploma in Information Technology in Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand.

Since a very young age I was always passionate about computer generated art. At the very beginning I started my computer graphics design with Photoshop. After that I was involved with flash animation but I was not satisfied with my work. I started my 3D exploration with 3D Studio 4.0 on Pentium 3 PC with 256KB Ram. I have completed my Graduate degree from Jagannath University and my subject was Management. During the time when I was studying, I learned on my own everything about 3D graphics, sometimes staying up even until 6am in the morning to absorb every bit of information I needed. I have great resources of 3D graphics design which has continued to increase my knowledge in this field, however I am eager to learn more.


3D: Autodesk 3DSMax, AutodeskAutocad, Autodesk Maya

Render Engine: V-Ray and Mental Ray.

(I prefer to use Auto Desk 3D Studio Max for 90% of my project work, but I also used AutoCAD and Maya depending on what my co-workers are using in particular projects.)

2D or textures design: Photoshop, CorelDraw depending on tasks.

Animation: 3D Studio Max and Flash.

Other: Dreamweaver and more.



  • Football
  • Cricket


  • Travelling
  • Internet Surfing

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(Comment.gif: I really appreciate your passion of computing. Although I'm studying the same qualification, I don't have many skills as yours.-Joyceyi (talk) 09:28, 4 March 2015 (UTC) )