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The importance of population studies is that it allows policy makers to formulate policies that are tailored towards the population's needs. Real policies are formulated for real problems faced by real people. The understanding of population differentials enables policy makers to understand the specific needs of specific population subgroups. For instance, it is almost general knowledge that the needs of children aged 9 years and below are not the same as those of older people aged above the age 60.

  • Lusaka
    • Kafue
    • Chongwe
    • Luangwa
    • Lusaka
  • Western
  1. Kaoma
    1. Munkuye
    2. Shimano
    3. TBZ
    4. Namilangi
    5. Kalumwange

To visit their website, go to [1]

  1. Lukulu

To visit their website, go to AOL website

  1. Senanga
  2. Sesheke
  3. Mongu
  4. Kalabo
  • Southern
  • Central
  • Copperbelt
  • Luapula
  • Northern
  • muchunga
  • Eastern
  • North Western

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