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My name is Lida Sutachan. I work part time as Spanish teacher between PK-8 grades and took online classes. I am happily married and I am a proud mother of a beautiful girl. I like learning new things and I like to travel to see new places, I love to cook and learn new recipes.

WikiEducator History

I started studying this quarter CIS 2 an online class at DeAnza college the subject in this class is the computers and the internet in the society with Ms. Taylor and she was the first person who took me to review this page for some assignments before this class I was not familiar with this page, so everything is new for me and I'm learning but it is very interesting.

Projects with CIS 2

**MIDTERM** I did a community service online as a proofreader in the next page: It was great because with a small contribution of work one can help many people to have access to literature that were not available before or was difficult.

**FINAL PROJECT** In a teamwork we need to create a wiki page. We have just started this week and the work is underway and it's due approximately in 3 weeks.