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Contact-new.svg Kanika Vessel
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Employer:Houston Independent School District, Houston, TX
Occupation:Math Instructional Specialist

My profile

Professional Background

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering, but I realized early on that my true passion was for educating students in STEM fields. I started my teaching career working part-time at Sylvan Learning Center tutoring all students in a variety of math subjects. Shortly after teaching mathematics (Advanced Math and Calculus AB/AP & BC/AP), I started working part-time at Scotlandville Magnet High School (SMHS). I have continued my career at SMHS and have been there for six years teaching engineering and mathematics. I have spent four years of this time as the Robotics/Moonbuggy Team coach for four years. Students on the robotics team would design and build a robot according to certain requirements in a specified timeframe and then compete in the NASA First Robotics Competition. Students on the moonbuggy team would design and build a moonbuggy over several months to compete in the NASA Great Moonbuggy Race Competition in Huntsville, AL. The moonbuggy team has received the Team Spirit and Best Initial Design Awards.

I was Content Seminar Leader and Fellow Advisor for The New Teacher Project where I trained first year teachers throughout the school year and/or during the summer to work in high-needs schools or recovery school districts in LA.

I am currently a Math Instructional Specialist for the Houston Independent School District where I support teachers throughout the district.

Scotlandville Magnet High School Homepage

SUBR Science/Mathematics Department Homepage

I am working on a PhD in Science and Mathematics Education where my research focuses on engineering education at the secondary level. If you are interested in winning a $100 Visa Gift card, please click on the survey below. It takes about 5 - 7 minutest to complete.

Secondary Engineering Education Survey


1999: Southern University and A & M College, Baton Rouge, LA, B.S. Mechanical Engineering      Southern University Homepage

2002: Louisiana State University and A & M College, Baton Rouge, LA, M.S. Mechanical Engineering      Louisiana State University Homepage

2005: The New Teacher Project - Teach Baton Rouge, Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certificate      The New Teacher Project Homepage


My interests

I'm interested in:

  • Reading (Christian books, children's books, content-specific articles, mystery, science fiction, romance)
  • Shopping
  • Children's activities and programs
  • Broadway musicals and plays 


Although a native of Detroit, MI I have strong roots in Pineville, LA. I have come to love living in the "The Boot"! Although, I pick the cold wintery MI weather over the scorching humid LA weather anyday. However, the finger lickin' southern cuisine of the south has stolen my heart! I met my husband during undergrad and we remained in LA after graduation. We have lived in Akron, OH and Sacremento, CA for small periods of time but have always made our way back to LA. My husband is a Nurse Practioner and has been practicing in his field for over 10 years. We have two beautiful and vibrant children. Our 4-yr old, Mixon, is a replica of her daddy with an attitude and personailty of four strong women in her life. Our 1-yr old, BJ, is a combination of both of his parents all around. The world isn't ready for either one!

My Projects

Here is my video for SMED 722. It is part 1 of a review for a high school Calculus course. Intro to Calculus Part 1