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Ohms Law ==

Hi, We are Udayakumar, Hemali and Ruminda from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments of The Open University of Sri Lanka.
We are trying to teach you about basics of Electrical circuits
Aim : Familiar with Ohm's law
1.Appreciate Ohms laws
2. Use Ohms Law to solve electric circuits

Ohm's Law


As you know the law is a applied only for the conductive materials and name after the German Physics George Simpson Ohm. Basically it says about the relationship between the voltage and current.
you can express this as

Just visit Resistance and simple circuits and try examples by yourself
See! How this happens[1]
What is resistor?
In general terms it is ability of the material to oppose the flow of electric current
You can do this practical [2] in vertual lab and have a fun