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PCF6 Pre-conference Workshop

TITLE: Writing Effective Multiple-Choice Items for Distance Education Courses

PCF6 Theme: Skills Development

Registration and Start date(Online): 20 September 2010 Interactive Workshop Session at PCF6: November 2010 Workshop Coordinator and Presenter: Kuldip Kaur, Open University Malaysia

In this workshop participants will learn about writing effective multiple-choice items so that they may use them as part of an effective and comprehensive strategy for assessing student learning. The workshop will be conducted in four phases: (1) creation of multiple-choice questions based on given material; (2) pilot testing of questions; (3) review of and feedback on questions; and (4) discussion on the quality of questions. The first three phases of the workshop will be conducted between 20 September and 22 October 2010 while phase four will be conducted during the face-to-face session at PCF6. The focus of the workshop will be the results of the pilot test, which will be used to examine properties of multiple-choice questions to determine discriminatory power, levels of difficulty as well as reliability and validity. The content and material used in the workshop will be related to non-quantitative subjects commonly associated with teacher education and the social sciences. All distance education instructors and administrators may participate as the content and procedures for the workshop do not require advanced knowledge of educational testing and measurement. Communication and dissemination of material for the workshop will be through email and WikiEducator.

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