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Cricket on the beach in Barbados
My name is Kelly St. Hill and I am an instructor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic in Barbados. I am keenly interested in the provision and delivery of instruction via the use of open and flexible methods. My involvement in the provision of free education has not occurred at my own initiation but by recommendation by an officer at my work place. Nonetheless, I believe that education can be made accessible to more persons in the world, particularly those in somewhat remote locations if we can use the right technology and the right methods.

Increasing one's knowledge and improving one's education allows for more options in making decisions, opens an individual to more opportunities and creates a variety of options for career paths that can be pursued. Research has also suggested that increasing the literacy and education of individuals in a country impacts on economic growth and both economic and national development.

By providing my services in developing online course materials I will indirectly be able to create opportunities for nations and individuals around the world to develop and hopefully improve their existing state through access to new knowledge and education.


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