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Notes from a series of discussions on acoustics that formed a class for students at the Princeton Learning Cooperative.

My knowledge is based largely on my experiences in a seminar course in "Acoustics and Audio Engineering" at Worcester Polytechnic Institute taught by Robert H Campbell.

Acoustics: The Physics of Sound

Acoustics describes the interaction of sound with the physical world around us. This class will explore the basic principles of sound waves, the mysteries of humans' perception of sound waves, the interaction of sound waves with common environments, techniques for controlling the acoustics of environments and/or other topics of interest to the participants.

General Resources

Our jumping off place for information will likely be The Master Handbook of Acoustics 5th Ed. by F. Alton Everest The Digital Musician (?)

Speaker modeling software:

  1. UniBox (freeware)

A great resource for speaker drivers is Madisound. They sport a full selection of drivers, crossovers and cabinets. All drivers have their spec's listed - they can be used in a custom-made enclosure designed with modeling software!

A wide variety of other software can be found on the FRD Consortium's site.



Visit Anechoic Chamber

-Experiment with speaker phased arrays

-Take impulse response measurments

-Model speaker designs

Coming soon...