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Explore the Geometric Optics simulation below for several minutes:
  • Try clicking around
  • Try dragging objects
  • Try sliding sliders

Special thanks to the PhET

Now that you have spent several minutes familiarizing yourself with the Geometric Optics simulation, complete the following multi-choice question. Feel free to use the simulation to help you answer the question.

Real Images

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Real Images

Set the index of refraction to 1.55 and drag the lens so that it is 120 cm from the left hand edge of the simulation. When the object is 20 cm to the left of the (left) focal point of the lens, determine (in comparison to the object) if the image is:


Icon reflection.gif


The image formed in the previous exercise is called a real image because it can be seen with the naked eye or on a screen. Virtual images on the other can not be seen on a screen. They form to the left of (behind) the lens in the simulation above.

Main Activity

There are three ways to complete the Hooke's Law activity. Click on the highlighted link below that is the closest match for your situation.

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Self-guided Activity
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Guided Activity
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Group Activity

Comfortable with the simulation Uncomfortable with the simulation Sharing a computer
Answered the multi-choice question correctly Experienced difficulties with the multi-choice question Working in a Team
Already have a hypothesis Not sure of a hypothesis
Ready for a challenge Ready for small steps