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  • Get user name information into table so Patricia can welcome them
  • Get Wayne to give a brief introduction via skype
  • Open office installer for Linux and Windows
  • Newbie Survey after the participants have created an account.
  • Handouts:
    • Cheat Sheet
    • Learning Contract
    • Pedagogical Templates
  • Motivation: Wikimaster Framework
    • Ask how many have published to the www before?
    • Certify participants for Apprentice level 1 in hotel first evening
    • After 2 or 3 day participants should accomplish Apprentice level 2
    • Introduce Liquid Threads on the second day
  • User name convention: Capital First Letter of First name and lowercase last name
  • Software installation on 1st day: Ask admin.
  • Proxy setting of the lab could make the connection slow or cause time outs during breaks
  • Open office: Export to mediawiki text if there is a problemw with internet connection.

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