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Interwiki links are external links that behave like internal links. They are typically links to other mediawiki projects. For example the link to the wikipedia main page could be written using the external link notation [ wikipedia] which results in wikipedia or using the interlink notation [[w:Main Page|wikipedia]]which results in wikipedia.

The following are some examples of interwiki prefixes which are available by default:

prefix destination URL interwiki link example
commons commons:MediaWiki
mediazilla mediazilla:1209
meta meta:Main Page
mediawikiwiki or mw[1] mediawikiwiki:Help:Contents or mw:Help:Contents
wikibooks wikibooks:Main Page
wikimedia wikimedia:Main Page
wikinews wikinews:Main Page
wikiquote wikiquote:Main Page
wikisource wikisource:Main Page
wikispecies wikispecies:Main Page
wiktionary wiktionary:Main Page or wikt:Main Page
wikipedia wikipedia:Main Page or w:Main Page
wikiversity wikiversity:Main Page or wv:Main Page

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