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Some extensions that may be useful on WE

VariablesExtension for mediawiki

syntax: {{#vardefine:myNumber|+07}} but it does not seem to be installed on wikieducator.

Labeled Section Transclusion Extension

Syntax: <section begin=SectionName /> Section content <section end=SectionName />

You can have several content areas labeld with the same SectionName and it will all be transcluded. This allows non-contiguous blocks to be transcluded.

Calculator Extension

WikiPlot Extension

Syntax Highlighting Wiki Editor Extension

Edit images inline Extension

Experimental Java Applet extension

Flicker photo extension

Moodle Wiki integration extension

AIM extension

Skype users online extension

Social Rewarding extension

[1] creates a special page called Special:Cite where a user can input a page name and generate a complete citation for many different styles. Could be useful

Widgets extension like youtube,, google.maps, etc