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Komal Patel ( कोमल पटेल )
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Contact-new.svg Komal Patel ( कोमल पटेल )
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Website:Community Empowerment Collective
Occupation:Product Quality and Service Manager at a Computer Hardware Company
Other roles:UN Online Volunteer currently Translator for CEC
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
Languages:English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Mandarin ( very little)
Country:Currently in Taiwan, ROC

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► I am born and brought up in India by very loving parents. I am a Computer Engineer by education background and professionally, a manager at a technology company. I enjoy travel and would love to see and experience as many countries and cultures as possible in this lifetime. Healthy lifestyle is not a hobby for me but a priority in life. I am a part-time social and community service volunteer and I have contributed in various capacities throughout my life.

I consider myself lucky to be able to witness and be part of this massive flattening of world due to technolgical advancements such as internet, emails, IMs, video chats and social networking. I was in a cab in Taipei the other day video chatting with an Indian friend and her toddler from Singapore with my phone from US while I was having a Kiwi which was imported from New Zealand according to the grocery store from where I bought it, US sensation - James Blunt was singing 'You're Beautiful' on the radio and promoting his upcoming concert in town while my local taiwanese cab driver could not stop yapping to his friend on phone in Taiwanese (Fujian) and sometimes interrupting me for directions in Mandarin. This is a typical scene in my day which I take for granted every single day but when I took a minute to think about it I was fascinated beyond imagination with a thought of how close the world is these days! Time, distance and place have been ridiculed down to mere excuses in today's world.

I strongly believe that underprivilged societies in the world can be empowered and uplevelled socially and economically by providing right education, training and awareness using latest and greatest technology and will of educated people like you and me. Through CEC, I am hoping to make an effective contribution towards social empowerment of the hindi speaking mass in India and learn and grow personally in the field of community empowerment.


► Masters of Science, Computer Science and Networking, NCSU, USA

Professional background

► Quality and Customer Experience Manager


► Married to my loving husband and blessed by caring parents who live in India.

My interests


► Born and raised in a Jain family but very curious about all religions. Strongly believe in concept of non-absolutism

Plan or Project for WikiEducator

► Short Term: CEC Hindi Translations


Today is: Tuesday, 24 May 2022
The time is 18:06, Zulu (i.e. at Greenwich)

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► Life is short why not live every moment with a smile?