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This word is bold and this word is italics.

My first header.

My subheading.

  • First bullet item
  • Second bullet item
  • Third bullet item


Make a To Do list in your sandbox and list some of the tasks you would like to attend to in the wiki or need to complete today.

  1. Review previous Classes
  2. Catch up on missed work
  3. Investigate Facilitators and their profile information

Didn't know:

  • The rich text editor toolbar is currently not able to mix lists. However we can do it using wikitext. You can either use the wikitext button on the rich editor toolbar or disable the rich editor. An example of the wikitext for a mixed list is shown below
  1. The first item in the list
    # The second item in the list
    #* The first nested bullet
    #* The second nested bullet
    # The third item in the list

which results in the following mixed list

1. The first item in the list
2. The second item in the list
* The first nested bullet
* The second nested bullet
3. The third item in the list

(Comment.gif: Try using the standard wiki text when creating nested lists -- see for example below -- open in standard wiki text mode --Wayne Mackintosh 23:18, 26 July 2010 (UTC))


    • Nested bullet

    • Nested bullet
  1. Two

Got my Interest:

3. Wiki concept

Having begun your wiki experience what benefits can you see to being able to use this tool in your work, local or global community? Complete one of the following tasks and post a link on your userpage:

1. Write a project brief describing how you could use wikieducator within a local project.
2. Write an article for a magazine/newsletter styled publication describing the wiki concept and how people can become involved
3. Set up a workshop and invite interested parties by briefly describing the wiki concept and outlining what participants might expect to learn.
4. Post a story in your blog about wiki.

Didn't Know

How do you open a wiki page in a new window to avoid using the back button to get to the previous page?

  • You can open a new page automatically if you hold the shift button down, then click the link. This will keep the original page you were on in one window and open the link you clicked in a new window. You can also click on the right hand mouse button when your cursors is over a hyperlink and select the "open in a new window" option from this contextual menu.
  • You can also open the page in a new tab in some browsers (for example; Internet Explorer, Chrome) by clicking the link using the wheel on your mouse (click not scroll).

Rules of Etiquette

Key points

Our work is based on a consensus model. In practice members of WikiEducator agree to work as follows:

1. Draft plans, outlines and suggestions are created on the wiki. Anyone is free to create a new wiki page in relation to any content.
2. Use your discretion when editing, feel free to correct any typing mistakes or improve the layout of pages you see in the wiki. Minor edits, improvements and new additions are usually done without discussion.
3. In the case of any substantive change you would like to make, first post a comment or message on the talk page or email the primary authors to share and discuss your ideas for any changes.
4. Consensus discussions take place in the discussion pages (i.e., pages with titles that begin with "Talk:" which can be accessed via the discussion tab which you will find above the content area of each page).
5. Once consensus is achieved, please make the necessary changes on the relevant wiki page.
6. If you want to start working on your own without having others help you out, we advise creating these pages as sub-pages of your User page. Your User page area is a personal space and this tells other users that you would like to create this content on your own.

* If you want to talk about the content of a page in WikiEducator - then you should post your thoughts on the relevant content page in the wiki;
* If you want to communicate with a specific WikiEducator user - then you should post your comment on the talk page of the user concerned;

Try to be concise: If your post is longer than 100 words consider shortening it. Long, rambling messages may be difficult to understand, and could be either ignored or misunderstood.

Must return and do these tutorials:



[1]Google, is it a noun or a verb?


To a non-existant page:    My Booklist    but now!  that page does exist  :)  



Dog Book   oops
Agriculture Book    oops
Food Safety Guide Book   oops

agriculture  definition


Agriculture:  Rice

2006 1002 nan thailand rice.jpg

Agriculture:  Cotton  (image gave me problems.  Never could seem to get it to show from Wikimedia.  Confused as to why, but just chose another cotton plant)


Agriculture:  Dates

Galgala dates.jpg

Message pad.jpg
Creative Commons Makes It Flow

Agriculture: necessary, global, diverse

Rice 13.jpg