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Sunset2.jpg Hi all this is Kiza Felix...umm what should I say...Okay the bare facts; I am a devout Christian (Anglican style of worship)(: Jesus and child.jpg Love God, my self, family, friends and children, the environment and all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small la lal la I am a young teacher at a secondary school In Point Fortin Trinidad (of the exotic twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago). I am slowly approaching the mid twenties with apprehension and enthusiasm ( i think like the old stereotype as woman I will remain this age for as long as I can look it.

My likes:

Netball (not the greatest player but I enjoy the sport, football to look at, cricket to play (only gymnastics, swimming, syncrohnized sports from olympic games). I love the beach, other outdoor activities (hikes and nature sightseeing) But i don't get to do them much. Ilove all genres of music (from local soca, gospel,reggae, broadway, R&B, Indian, African) Once the tune is good and the lyrics (those that I can understand are good too) Ok sometimes I bend only human! i love old time Hollywood movies ( the musical especially but i appreaciate Humphery Bogart's suspense. I am indeed a TCM fan and comedies,well who can beat No Boundaries and Callabash alley, Westwoodpark (TnT styles). Okay I watch almost anything but dont rush to see horrors. I love culture and teh study of most cultures because of the uniqueness and sameness that I find amongst them

My Dreams/Aspirations

I aspire to be the very best teacher that I can be for my students so taht they can become the leaders of various fields in the future. i will do this by professional and spiritual growth via workshops and delving into positive literature and associating with positive people.


My Reflections

As an educator I am blessed to be involved in this sacred vocation : I do believe that teachers are born and not made (whether we were aware of this birthrite or not). Forest1.jpg