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About Myself

My name is kirubel teshome, 30, from Ethiopia. I have a passion for social and ecological justice. I work for a local NGO called MELCA which is working for the conservation of culture and nature. I am the Advocacy and Information Coordinator of the organization


MELCA-Ethiopia was established in Ethiopia in 2004. It is working on areas: forest, mountain and agricultural bio-diversity. Cutting across all the three areas is the traditional ecological knowledge of local communities. MELCA works both at the community and the policy level. The community level work informs the advocacy at the policy level. MELCA means a ford and the word is used symbolically to indicate linkage between the new and the old generation, culture and biodiversity, western and indigenous science and communities and schools. It works in environmental education, building ecosystem resilience, environmental advocacy,Participatory Mapping, livelihood improvement and promoting farmers varieties of seeds.:

  • Our vision is to see bio-cultural diversity conserved for healthy ecosystem and sustainable life

Mersha Yilma

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