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The OER Workshop at the Open Digital One Village, Winneba, Ghana


Today's Date: 4, March 2024

Current Time: 07:20

Contact-new.svg Farrel L. King
Employer:Sierra eRiders
Occupation:eRider's Consultant
Nationality:Sierra Leonean
Country:Sierra Leone

Professional Information

I am a Sierra Leonean living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. And I work for Sierra eRiders as an ICT Consultant/Trainer. I am trainging youth, community radio and other NGO staff in Sierra Leone on the use ICT, empowering their computer competencies and exposing them to technologies of today, and also what they can benefit from them.

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ICT Skills:
  • Networking (LAN/WLAN)
  • Data Base Management
  • Ubuntu and Windows Operating Systems
  • Office Productivity
  • Graphics Design
  • Radio Technology
  • Wireless Technology
  • Open Source
  • Website Development


Sierra eRiders is a Sierra Leone base non-profit organisation that provides Information Communcation Technologies supports to other community base organisation and non governmental organisaton.

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Enpowering ICT Across Sierra Leone - Sierra eRiders offer variety of services that can be customized for each organisation. Below is an outline of eRiders' basic service structure:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Implementation

List of Members

# Firstname Lastname JobTitle Sex Mobile City
1 Sahr F. Gborie Project Condinator Male +(232) 30 205740 Freetown
2 Farrel King ICT Consultant/Trainer Male +(232) 76 665782 Freetown

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