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Personal Information

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My Name is Faisal Iddris, I am a Ghanaian by nationality. I am currently working as lecturer in the department of Management Studies at University of Education Winneba(Kumasi Campus)

Educational Background

  • University of Education Winneba, Ghana
Post Graduate Certificate in Education 2007-2008
  • Lulea University of Technology, Lulea Sweden
Masters of Science in Business Administration (E-Commerce Option), 2006
  • University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Bachelor of Commerce Degree (

Skills and Capabilities

  • Demonstrated ability to analyze business issues
  • Good analytic and planning skills*
  • Hard working and reliable, able to collaborate in a team enterprise
  • A very positive and confidence personality blended with a strong work ethics
  • Fast learner and ready to learn at any time if necessary
  • Solid Communication, Organizational and Leadership skills
  • A solid reputation for upholding high ethical standards and realizing corporate goalobjectives.
  • Internet Marketing and e-CRM techniques

Computer Literacy

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Front-Page, Dreamweaver Internet skills and Management.

Research Experience

  1. Aug. - Dec. 2005 Mobile Advertising in B2C Marketing : The aim of this thesis is to provide a better understanding on how organizations are using the mobile advertising communication channel to serve its stakeholders.
  2. May 2005 Web design application: The development of a web site for a Financial Institution that deals in corporate financial services in Germany.
  3. May 2005 Field based e-business project: The impact of internet on customer loyalty, a case study of two Swedish Banks.
  4. March 2005 The impact of the internet on logistics, a case study of This study was aimed at finding how the adoption of the internet influences the logistics of an online grocery shop and what are the benefits that such an organization can possess as the first mover.
  5. Jan. 2005 Perceived risk for online purchasing: The aim of this study was to find out the various type of risk that consumers face when purchasing online and how these risks are perceived between the different sexes.
  6. Jan. 2005 Development of e-marketing Plan. An e- marketing plan aimed for venture capitalist. It was designed for selling bread online in Australia.
  7. Oct. 2004 Relationship Marketing Project: A case study of Lulebo AB, a housing agency in Norrbotten, Sweden. The project was aimed at exploring the kind of relationship that existed between the company and its customers and how these relations were established.

Research Areas

e-Business Strategies
e-Customer Relationship Management
Web Sites as a communication channel.


Member, International Students Steering Committee, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. 2005.
Officer in charge of finance and administration(IFC), a community-based NGO in Cape Coast, Ghana 1999-2008


  1. Walking
  2. Surfing the web
  3. Reading

Contact Details

Department of Management Studies
University of Education Winneba
P.O. Box 1277
Mobile:(+233) 0246553109